We're Macarah + Adam.

NEWLYWEDS. Coffee Drinkers. Vegetarian. Adventurers.



Hi! We're Macarah & Adam. A husband and wife photo & video duo with a love for love. We recently got married on the shore of Redfish Lake in Stanley, Idaho; surrounded by our friends, family, and mountains in our favorite place in the world.

We met on Tumblr in 2013 because of our shared love for a band, From Indian Lakes, and film and the rest is history. Fast forward to today: we live in Boise, Idaho, we love the outdoors, camping, hiking, coffee, cider, and dogs, in no particular order. We absolutely love to travel! Thistle & Pine Creative stems from our love of the mountains, desert, and nature! Some of our favorite places include: Yellowstone, Stanley, ID, McCall, ID, all of Colorado, and Joshua Tree (but guys, we really freaking love Idaho).

Thistle & Pine Creative embodies everything we love about weddings and couples: adventures, love, and authenticity. We believe that intimate, raw, and genuine moments reflect you as a couple in the best way. They show real laughs, real smiles, and real embraces. They show YOUR love and the way that you share it with each other.

We want to give you memories you'll be able to look back on and truly enjoy. Memories that will make you smile because they reflect the love you share with each other. Memories that are special.

We are so honored when couples entrust us in capturing their special and intimate moments.

We would absolutely love to work with you! If we sound like a good match for you, send us an email! We can’t wait to get to know you.

Our wedding photos by Clarisse Rae Photo & Video



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Here’s some throwback photos from throughout our relationship!



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“Macarah and Adam are the perfect duo to capture the most tender moments of your big day! I felt like I barely had to direct them during the wedding because they were so efficient and experienced on how to capture those perfect moments. We almost did not hire a videographer for budget reasons, and I am SO happy we changed our minds. It was super easy to correspond with them and finalize details for the big day and I was so impressed that we got our finished videos sent to us in just a few short months after the wedding! We could not be more thankful to to them both for traveling to Tacoma, Washington for our wedding and I will definitely recommend them to friends in the future!” - Maggie & Christian