Pretty much all day on social media I look at pictures of couples, weddings, and engagements. Green Wedding Shoes, June Bug Weddings, and Looks Like Film are my jam. I've been itching to get out there and shoot more couple sessions. Last month, I reached out through a Facebook post in the hopes of finding some friends who would be interested in me snapping away behind my camera. Thankfully, my old co-worker, Alex, messaged me right away saying she and her boyfriend Zack would love to have some new pictures!

We met up at the San Clemente pier before sunset. My original plan for the session was to get some killer pictures under the pier. However, the high tide wouldn't have it! We attempted to grab some under the pier anyway, but not as far down as planned. Alex and Zack were troopers about having to constantly run from the fear of getting wrecked from the waves as well as getting splashed. I think the outcome wasn't too bad.

Alex and Zack are a sweet couple. Their love for each other is evident and I feel these pictures help share that.

"We love to go the beach or exploring new places... My favorite thing about Zack is that he makes me laugh and always calms me down when I'm in a bad mood. And he's always down for an adventure." - Alex Gillet
Macarah Heller