Allie and Alex wanted a rustic, natural location for their session. Where else would be better than historic Mission San Juan Capistrano? We also ventured over to the Los Rios District for some more shots because the lighting was just too perfect. I love when I'm finally able to meet couples in person for the first time! Allie and Alex have such enjoyable and adventurous spirits. They are so smitten with each other and it's adorable. They're the kind of couple that remind me why I love doing what I do: they're incredibly passionate for one other and so eager about life. Their smiles and laughter are contagious. It was an awesome day exploring around the mission and downtown San Juan Capistrano together. My favorite moment was when shooting in one of the mission's hallways; Allie and Alex started salsa dancing. Couples who salsa together, stay together. I was impressed, they had quite the moves! Later on, I asked Alex to dip Allie, and Allie's face lit up. She said "Oh my goodness, we were just practicing dipping a couple nights ago! We got this!". Some of my favorite photographs from the session were the last few I took of the day. When we had finished walking all the way down Los Rios, we saw an open patch of grass with a gorgeous tree. I had them stand underneath it. It was a quiet moment for the two of them. I loved the calmness in the image and how the leaves helped create a frame around their faces and depth.