So You're Engaged!

Congratulations! You just got engaged! We are SO excited for you. I'm sure you've heard it a million times by now, but we are truly so happy for you guys. This is such an exciting time in your lives. There's no better way to start off 2018 than by celebrating the love you and your partner share (and you get to marry your best friend too, so this year is going to be great)!


Rosie & Ryan - Swan Falls

So What Now?

Now is time for the fun part: ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS! You may be super excited about them, or you may be terrified. Regardless, our goal is to capture both of you beautifully and naturally. Everyone always says that they're awkward or not photogenic. THAT'S A LIE! Just check out these couples below. Every single person said this and we laughed, because we knew it wasn't true. They're all SO STINKING CUTE and fun!


Let's Get Down to Business

If you've read this far, I'm sure you're wondering how much is this going to cost?

Engagement and Adventure Sessions are $375 for an hour to an hour and a half of shooting, two outfits, and typically at least 40 images.


Fill out the contact form below to get started. We'll send you over a welcome packet with tips for your engagement session! Let's create something rad! 

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Need help planning? Yes, no, maybe so? Let us know! Give us an idea of what kind of location you're thinking of or if you have any unique ideas! If you don't have any, we can think of some together. Also, tell us a little bit about you guys!