Josiah Davie - To Whom It May Concern Media

Josiah has become one of my good friends. I met him last year meeting up with my friend, Alyson, while he was in town. He ended up moving to Mission Viejo later this year from Minnesota. Our friends group merged as we shared a love of coffee, music, and media. I'd see Josiah almost anytime I went into Hidden House or Patch Coffee. 

My friend Celine is like a brother to me. He started up a podcast recently with some of our friends called To Whom It May Concern. They feature local artists and talk all things music. So when Celine said they wanted to feature Josiah and wanted to shoot a live session video, I was all in. What made it more special was that it was hosted at Patch Coffee. Check it out. It's pretty awesome being able to collaborate with friends.

Macarah Heller