Othniel Turns One!

The main baby I've taken pictures of is Othniel. I've had the privilege to photograph him growing up over the last nine months. First was family pictures last Christmas at three months old, six months, and now one year. Othniel loves to walk and crawl around; he hates sitting still! We could try to pose him all we want, but he would instantly move. He was very fascinated by the balloons and instantly gravitated towards them. I love the genuine moments captured during this session. It really shows Othniel's personality and what kind of a baby he is:  fun and playful. However, I think my favorite things about him are his stunning, dark eyes and his cute, little toes (which I focus on a lot in his close ups)! Autumn and Daniel have done a wonderful job raising this little guy. There's so much love within their little family.

Macarah Heller