Super Whatevr- Good Luck

As some of you may know, my boyfriend Adam is originally from Idaho. Despite me living in Orange County my whole life, Adam seems to know more cool people in the area than I do. One of my favorite things about him is how his love for music connects him to people from all over. Back in Boise, he was very into the local music scene.

Adam and I are huge coffee snobs, so naturally we adore Portola Coffee Lab. One day we stopped by and I was introduced to his friend Skylar who works there. I forget exactly how they met (probably through a band or something), but they seemed hit it off. Adam told me about Skylar's band, Super Whatevr, and that I should check them out. Oddly enough, later in the afternoon their song "Good Luck" started playing in the lobby. Skylar got our attention and said "Hey! This is my band!" and I was like, yeah, these guys rock. 

They played a show this last Sunday at OC DIY with my friends in Sounds of Satellites, Comrades, and Colour in the Clouds. I've listened to Sounds and have known Chance and Cameron for quite some time, so naturally I had been looking forward to this show.  Adam happens to have already known Chance as well before moving down to California. They met when Chance came through Boise playing on tour with Red Sweater Lullaby and Adam shot their show.

I don't seem to get out to see too many shows anymore. I had to leave shortly after Super Whatevr played so this is the only video I took alongside Adam. It's probably not one of the better videos we've done because it was very spur of the moment. However, I like it because it reminds me of how music creates its own community and connects people together. (And because Skylar's band rocks, right?)

Macarah Heller