Chris and Shada's windy Joshua Tree engagement session couldn't of been more perfect! They are an adventurous couple and I love that they wanted to travel to the desert. My objective isn't just to take pretty and creative pictures. Rather, it is to help capture this exciting stage in their life! I crave for couples to allow me into their space, which Chris and Shada trusted me to do. I wanted to capture how they interact while alone with each other- both the silly and vulnerable moments. I felt that Joshua Tree was the ideal environment to reflect their relationship with each other. 

We ran to the middle of the road and Chris and Shada were so smitten with each other. At one point, Chris asked if he could have Shada jump into his arms. Heck yeah! Towards the end of the night, it was super chilly and the high winds made our noses runny. Our hair was blowing all over the place. One of my favorite shots from the night actually happened when I couldn't see because my hair blew in front of my eyes, as well as the camera. Overall, it was good day and everything we had to do in order to make this shoot happen was worth it!

Macarah Heller