Tina and Tony were not afraid to get adventurous. They got pretty soaked from the waves at one point, but I think it was worth it! My favorite part of sessions are at the midway point when both the clients and me have become more comfortable. That's usually when couples forget about the camera and it just becomes the two of them. Their authentic interactions with each other are the moments I love to capture.

I've known Tina and Tony for quite awhile now and I can say that they're definitely a special couple! I feel very honored when friends contact me to take their photos. They requested for their engagement photos to be taken at Aliso Creek Beach. I was curious as to why they wanted them specifically there. Tina then told me it's been a special location to her and Tony throughout their relationship. I asked her to write about it in her own words:

"As the sun went down, my finance and I walked up to Aliso Creek Beach and were greeted by our photographer and friend Macarah to take pictures of us to celebrate our engagement. It was here, over 6 years ago, that we had our very first date. We sat in the sand as we began the set up process for the photo shoot. We looked out on the water and reflected on the many special memories this place holds for us. Aliso Creek Beach isn't just the location of our first date, but it is also where we started our journey to becoming man and wife. It was in this very spot where we sat that we became engaged.

When the time came to plan our engagement photos and where to take them, there wasn't any other place we could think of that holds such meaning in our hearts. Throughout the evening as we took pictures, we leaned into each other and smiled as we thought about all the beautiful memories we have shared here, and how thankful we are that we will always get to relive them through the photos we took that day."